How To Activate T12, T13, T14 Troops
Name Definition Price
T12 Unlock T12 and below (monthly) 5$
T13 Unlock T13 and below (monthly) 10$
T14 Unlock T14 and below (monthly) 20$
T15 Unlock T15 and below (monthly) 40$
T13 Y Unlock T13 and below (a year) 60$
T14 Y Unlock T14 and below (a year) 100$
T15 Y Unlock T15 and below (a year) 200$

To activate T12, T13, T14 or T15;
Send the required amount to via PayPal
Select "Friends and Family" option.
Then contact me via Discord, Line, WeChat or Mail.
Your account will be activated after that.

User Name Game Name Kingdom Date Join